a lil style experimentation wip!!!

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inspired by demachic’s dapper ot3s!

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why do you say you like a page when you don't actually like a page even though the person's page who you say you like actually likes your page?

everyone go follow my illustration teacher so he’ll leave me alone >:’C !

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in case i never finish this (cause ive been going back & forth between loathing it & loving it all night) here’s this wip of me trying to put all that painting practice to work!

this study i actually spent 3hrs on, but i lost the file with the 1hr mark process… you can basically see how it started out though by looking at the placeholder for the other boy i wasn’t painting this time.
more leyendecker tho!!! slowly taking on bigger things, like clothes and bodies.

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another study of a J.C. Leyendecker piece!

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